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personel metallica sekarang

  • James Hetfieldvocals,rhythm guitar (1981–
    saat ini)
    2. Lars Ulrich
    drums ,percussion (1981-saat ini)
    3. Kirk Hammett lead guitar ,backing vocals (1983 –saat ini)
    4. Robert Trujillo
    bass ,backing vocals (2003–
    saat ini)

  • Mantan Personil Metallica
    1. Ron McGovney BASS(1982)
    2. Dave Mustaine lead guitar,
    backing vocals (1982 – 1983)
    3. Cliff Burton bass, backing
    vocals (1982 – 1986)
    4. Jason Newsted bass,
    backing vocals (1986 – 2001)

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2 responses to "\m/MetallicA\m/Personel"

Dwie Sullivan on 11:26 AM, 16-Apr-11

jadi keinget waktu Metallica, feat. Trivium & A7x nyanyiin lagu Die, Die My Darling :'wink

Hetfield frantic on 11:38 AM, 16-Apr-11

>sullivan..,yeah thanks brot da mampir..,wait my back guest in your home...\m/

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